Case Study of Dhirubhai Ambani

                                           Hello friends , today we will discuss best principles of popular Indian businessman Dhirubhai Ambani .                                                           
                                                 Two friends were in discussion, the first friend says that I do not like to study, but I want to earn a lot in my life, but I do not understand what I should do, thinking to do a business. Another friend says that you really want to do business, don't be silly, study well, not everyone can be Ambani
                                                   If Dhirubhai Ambani had listened to others, I would not have been studying this case, but the fact is that Dhirubhai Ambani was like us, even he was a normal boy like us, he was interested in studies He did not actually do college, but still he became the richest and most popular person in India. His company was the first private limited company in India to figure in the Forbes 5000 list. He built a business empire of 75 billion rupees in his life (that too 20 years ago).

Principle - 1 : Dream Big But Start Small
                                              At first Dhirubhai wants to share the story of Ambani, Dhirubhai Ambani was the son of a school teacher, but as I said earlier that he was not interested in studies, but that does not mean that he would ever do anything in his life Didn't want to, but actually once he told his mother that one day Il makes a lot of money. Sometimes he faced financial problems at a house which was not liked by Dhirubhai Ambani, apart from this Dhirubhai Ambani always thought about making money.. 
                                               Once he bought a box of ground oil, he became a retailer as a wholesale store, sold that peanut oil to people on the street, from whom he made a profit and gave this money to his mother. Dia, since he was a kid, he used to sell pakoda at the age of 12 or 13 (pakoda is Indian food) since he knew the value of the business. At the age of 17, he got the opportunity to go to Yemen country, He went to Yemen in hopes of earning more. In Yemen, he worked at a petrol pump, some sources say, even working as a clerk for many years, he earns much better than in India, but some situation arose and He returned to India, and it proved to be the biggest turning point of his life. That's why He started chasing his childhood dreams.

                                                 Now what you need to learn from this story, what you need to learn is "Dream Big Butt Start Small"     
                                               See that most people fall into two categories, at first people never think big, they just go with the flow, the way life is taking them, they flow with it, study jobs, death. That is, they never think big. And on the other side there are other types of people who just dream big, like do it and this blah blah ..... but really they are not able to do anything big in their life because they have a lot of Unrealistic goals are. 
                                                    Heard you should not be like them. Be like Dhirubhai, always think big, think as big as you can, but start small goals and expect small results. Do not be a billionaire in the beginning, think about business and it is small profits, because if you learn to make profit from small business then it will become easier for you to earn more.

Principle - 2 : Skill Over Education 
                                             Dhirubhai Ambani became a billionaire in college with or without a degree because he gave more importance to skills than education. He did not complete his studies which does not mean that he was not learning anything.
                                              In fact while he was working in Yemen, he did some extra work and learned accounting, learned to keep a book to prepare shipping papers and also dealt with insurance company people, which led to a lot of improvement in hie negotiation skills Which helped him a lot in his business. . So always remember that it is really important for you to have skills and talent, you cannot get rich just by taking a degree or thinking about a business, you must have some great skills and talents, at least in the beginning so that in the beginning I can earn by using it .
Principle - 3 : Quality Rules
                                               You will find many people who would say that Dhirubhai became so successful just by doing wrong things, but those people do not understand that his best product quality was also the biggest reason for his success. Dhirubhai always paid attention to quality.                                                                      When Dhirubhai returned to India with only money, he started the spice business with that money, and with so little investment he sold many low quality products, but he did not, because his motive was "low profits". . , High quality. High volume "means selling more with good quality while getting less profit. With such a policy they started selling their spices not to India but to countries. Many people buy because they had the best quality products." 
                                              When he shifted to the yarn business, he still focused on quality and created the VIMAL brand, which became a popular fashion brand. When he kept his mills in Ahmedabad, he still used the term best mill to give the best quality products, with such high quality, that the World Band gave him an excellent certificate . Which was the level of developed countries. Even in the time of India's struggle, they made excellent and world-class quality products which were of the standards of developed countries.
                                           See that most people think of getting a college degree, think of becoming a doctor, engineer and think about business and make a lot of money by fooling people and never focus on skills or quality Do, although this approach is wrong, very wrong, you may have noticed today degrees don't have much value, but skills have more value, so if you want to get rich then your work and the quality of your product is the best needed.     

Principle - 4 : Beating Problems                                        
                                         When Dhirubhai was starting his own mill at that time, he faced a lot of problems, such as their partnership breaking up in 1965 and he was opening his own factory single-handedly, which led him to move from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Worked weekly so that the issues could be resolved and in1966 suddenly the value of the rupee started to decrease due to which his expenses increased but still he did not give up and was able to start his own mill factory and started making cloth. 
                                           Now the fabric was being manufactured, but no wholesaler was willing to buy cloth from him because the overbearing players, those who were already doing the same business, were not the wholesaler to buy the clothes of Dhirubhai, the business man It was a throat problem, so Dhirubhai did it, gave up, did he give up because of dominating the players, no Dhirubhai did;  , He himself started selling his clothes to retailers, he moved from one retailer's shop to another.
Everyone liked him because his product quality was very good and he was a stubborn and courageous man and thus the VIMAL brand started getting publicity.
                                          Dhirubhai being a Consistant used to fight all the problems, he faced not only human problems, but also the problems of nature, once he and his company faced the problems of floods and earthquake problems. , So what happens once, when everything is completely cured. Suddenly Cyclone in Jamnagar and had to close its factory, at that time Dhirubhai again faced that problem with courage. , When experts were saying that their work would take 3 days to complete, then they did the same work in 3 weeks
                                            Now the reason for saying all this is because many people give up very easily in life, and blame fate and density. But Dhirubhai was not like that, even you should not be like such people.

                      So Friends that is for today , I Hope you like it . 

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