Case Study on Sam Walton

                 Hello friends Today we will Discuss about Sam Walton ( and it's Company Walmart ) . Walmart is the largest revenue generating company, ranking number one in 2017. Walmart has generated revenue of $ 486 billion while Apple has generated revenue of $ 255 billion today. Walmart has 1 thousand 12 hundred and 77 (11277) stores and clubs worldwide. More than a million employees of any private company Canada have fewer employees than people visiting Walmart in just one day . 

         So let's start 

Principle - 1 : Value of money 

                In 1985, when Forbes listed Sam Walton as the richest man in the world, all media people were insisting on who Sam Walton was, never heard of him, never seen him. Adi was all wondering who is Sam Walton? With the hope of getting to know Sam Walton how he went, all the media people went to Bentonville where Walton lived assuming Walton would relax in the money pool, smoking $ 100 as a cigar , The girls would be around him, he thought Sam Walton might be living such a loving life .

            But his beliefs broke when he learned that instead of driving a sports car, Sam Walton drove an old truck that contained cages for his dogs, which he knew he wanted to go to, rather than having a haircut in his salon. We do. Instead of wearing designer clothes, small roadside salons, he wore his store in simple clothes and a ball cap. He was a man who preferred to live a simple life. This does not mean that he was unhappy, apparently not, but the real reason was that he always understood the value of money .

             In his lifetime he bought 18 aircraft that were all second hand, he did not buy those planes for the showoff, he bought all the planes to save his time Sam Walton is from a very normal family, his parents are very They were hardworking, they were all respected money, when Sam Walton was getting old, a big recession was going on and a huge money problem..

              So Sam Walton's parents used the money with proper calculations and that's what Sam learned from his parents. Child work is considered a sin today, but Sam Walton was a contributor to his family from childhood and not a taker, which means he learned to earn from childhood. Since childhood, they used to sell rabbit pigeons or magazines or newspapers from house to house, since childhood, they worked hard and earned money, so they gave great importance to money. 

              Although, Sam Walton used to reinvest his maximum income for his businesses and companies, he reinvested his money by opening new shops and stores, so he was able to build a large empire so much The first lesson we should learn from Sam Walton is the value of making money. Many people say they don't have the money to start a business, even Sam didn't have it. But if you learn to work hard and earn money and value your money then slowly and even you will do some great and huge work for Sam .

Principle - 2 : Competitive and best

             A wonderful fact, anyone who played during childhood won all those matches and whether it was called luck or whatever, but whatever match Sam's team lost, Sam did not appear in those matches, or in those matches. There were no reasons why he was sick, or injured, etc. There was no reason, but this convinced Sam that Winning was his right, he never lost and this belief developed him in his life. 

           At the age of 12 he challenged a boy to be the first boy to win a Boy Scout Eagle match and guess that at the age of just 13 he became the youngest eagle of his time. Now don't get it wrong, He was not 'a gifted kid or God has gifted him talent or luck or anything but the real reason he was very hardworking, he always worked hard he always stayed on top of what he believed in action, so Joe Also he used to participate in it used to emerge as a winner . 

Sam Walton

                       For example, Sam Walton's team was state level champions in football and basketball and was the president of several clubs and organizations in his childhood. In many ways, money was not as important to Sam, says Charlie Bom Early Walmart Partner, but the reason was always to stay on top of his motivation. 

             Whatever you do, it is best that being competitive, this attitude will be like advancing you in life. 

Principle - 3 : People learn skills and teamwork 

             Sam Walton was a very influential and inspiring person, people admired him and liked him as a co-star of his humble nature, as he always wanted to be at the top, once the competition for President at his university Was going on, so Sam praised him . 

              In that contest he learned a simple but great secret or great leadership skill lesson, whoever used to come to visit or visit them, Sam was the first to approach, he was the first to talk to him. . The opposite person if Sam knew the opposite person, he would talk to them by saying their name and even though he didn't know that person still spoke to them, even if people were passing around him . 

              Now what happened to this habit that people started recognizing him and treating him as a friend and as a result he won the presidential election was an article where Sam was a rare person who called and knew about the company. The employee's name, he knew from his name to the janitor to the CEO and that nature was very beneficial for his shop, it played a very good role in getting customers to the shop . 

             Because he greeted people with respect, he used to greet people walking outside his shop, he remembered people's names that always made people feel important and special. In short, he was very great with the skills of the people and because of playing many games he understood that the importance and power of the team came in handy from an early age.

Principle - 4 : Experience for the winner and winner 

             With a competitive and confident temperament and by paying his own education fees, he somehow completed his studies and then did his first job at the JCPenney store, Sam Handwriting, a retail shop that was very poor and hardly understood. Used to come, the managers had to face issues but still no one was getting Sam out of that job, why? Because Sam was a great salesman and did a lot of sales and profit for the company . 

                 As he always wanted to be on top, he took $ 20k from his father-in-law and started his own shop, which was originally a franchise of the Ben Franklin Shop in New Port Sam. It turned out that this shop rent is higher than other shops which is 5 percent of total sales income. And the people who rented that shop were basically focusing on how he became a fool, how bad people are, how he cheated him and instead of fooling Sam. New port aimed to make the store the most profitable store for that loss.

           Example: Before Sam took over that rented shop, the store sold for $ 72k per year, and unlike the Sam Walton shop, the store now sold $ 150k per year to stay on top, He started to do a lot of research on how he could move above his competition. He read all the retail publishing books, he attended the Ben Franklin program which was teaching how to handle stores and most importantly Is that he concentrates on all things. 

        Going inside his competitor's shop, such as learning exactly what the competitor is doing and learning all those things, he applied to his store and also did other experiments that were not done by others. For, he opened ice cream. Pop corn machine in front of his store , Which became a reason for people to get more profit and attention and thus it slowly got stored and slowly started to succeed. 

               So Friends that is for today , I Hope you like it .   



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