How Convert Feedback to Feedforward #step_6

                     Hello Friends Today We will Discuss about How Convert Feedback to Feedforward . In the earlier article I saw how we can gain feedback from the customer . In article ticket, we will talk about how we can convert the feedback from the customer to feed-forward . 

                     So first of all we understood that feed-forward happens, then forward means that if the customer has given any feedback, then if we work in his response, then he can call it feed-forward. In the previous article, we took feedback from the customer in 3 ways.  Today we will see how that feedback customer care is given to me, then how we first understood all that feed-forward happens, then forward means that if the customer has given any feedback, then if we work in his response, then he can  Call it feed-forward is changed. 

               So let's Get Start .. 

                 Friends, the customer has shared many different levels of feedback with you.  Customer did not like your product.  The customer did not like your service.  Customer did not like your words.  The customer has a problem in some management or the customer has a problem in your management.  Customer does not like your shop.  Anything a customer can give you . 

                Friends Customer feedback is not limited to the fact that the customer did not like your business. Customer sends you back again in many different ways.  About your product, about your servicing, about your marketing, about your shop, about your management, about your staff, everything from an A to Z to a customer gives your feedback.

                There are many paths defended on your business and on the business market. 

                Now you have two possibilities.  If you change something in your business based on customer feedback or you do not change anything in your business based on customer feedback.  Let it go as it is . So we catch the second possibility that if we do not change any related to our customer feedback in our business, then 100% of our business will submerge and sink.

                 But we catch the second possibility that if we change our business related to customer feedback in our business, then we are completely going towards our business sector.  Our business will be successful today if not today.  A. Our business will be a highly profitable business if not today, so we have to capture the first one. Because the customer has Feedback  in, it is not so good.  Look again maybe worse.  If the Feedback is bad, then we will know what problem the customer is getting from our business, then we will first solve the problem so that our business is on the path of an Highly profitable business. 

                  Now I know that we have to change our business related to customer care.  What is the train and at which base do we have to change it.

Convert Feedback to Feedforward
                We will convert the customer feedback  In our feed-forward direct . I explain you with a Example . Suppose I have a hotel business and a customer came to stay there one night.  He spent one night and started the next day. Then I got a feedback form filled with them.

                From that feedback form I came to know that the water is not coming properly in this room of our hotel, then I speak to my staff or from a plumber or any worker and seal that room and put water on it  The problem is  If he gets it solved, then if a customer comes to Next, if I want him, I can stop in that room.  I can see there . 
                 Had agreed  In this example, if I had not filled the feedback form in my hotel, then I do not know what the problem was coming to the customer.  Another customer comes.  He is also there but he too had a problem.
                 A small mistake means that both the customers and all the visiting customers do not recommence our hotel any further due to the lack of water.  If no one comments to our hotel, then our hotel will not be able to see.  Instead we solved our problem.  Meaning that the customers who come forward will be able to escape from our problem. 
                You had already asked who we convert to our feeder for direct.  You have done the same in our feed-forward.  In the hotel business you got customer feedback that if the water in your room is not coming properly, then we converted it to direct.  Then I called.  Due to this, the customer does not have problems. 
            Why should the customer have any problem?  Suppose your product is not liked by the customer.  Customers like your shop's position.  Suppose your shop does not like the customer, suppose that you do not like this top management customer, do not like anyone in the staff.  Do not like your service, suppose your product not like Any Problem to Have customer . 
             Meaning that if your business related customer does not like anything, then you see me again and take direct action.  By converting the feedback you received from your bed to good feedback, we call it feedback to feed-forward.  
              Like the hotel example, you also have to see in your business that the customer has no feedback, what is the problem.  You have to convert that problem directly.  In sweet forward, then you will be noted directly, then I will go.  Then later your incoming customer will not have to face the problem.  Your incoming customer will have to argue if not the problem.  Meaning why your business will comment even further and your business will grow like this . 
                        So that is for today Friends , I hope You Like it .
           And yes friends I talked about Basic Six Point And friends our today point is the last  Point . I hope  you have not missed it  ( Six points ) , If you start a new business , then this six points is Base of you and any one for new business and Startup . In Your new business you Follow this point one by one then your business will become Highly Profitable Business . Thank you to Every one , I hope you like all Six points . 

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