Zilingo Case Study

             Hello Friends Today We will Discuss about Zilingo . Yes, I am talking about Ankit Bose. Who studied at St. Xavier's Mumbai, after her studies, she worked at Sequoia Capital and one day, while working at her job, she decided to set up her own company, she met Dhruv Kapoor from IIT, Dhruv. , With whom he formed my company. 'I'm talking about Zilingo . 

          Today We will talk best strategy of Zilingo ( And it's Team ) . So let's get Started   

           You would say that you never heard of it before Yes, the name you have not heard is because it is defunct in India. The company is headquartered in Singapore. This technical support is from India and the market is in Southeast Asia. 

            Friends, where there were large companies like Amazon and Flipkart in India, at that time there was no such big company in Southeast Asia, Ankita visited Chatuchak Bazaar in Thailand city Bangkok. He saw people coming from small villages and made goods for them and he got a huge opportunity there. 

                    These people had neither technical support nor financial support, they could not sell their good even in an organized manner and they could not reach the right customer, that is where he got an idea and decided that South Manufacturers of all kinds in East Asia to give them the platform to sell their products . 

             In March 2016, revenue was $ 4,34,000 as of March 31, 2017, revenue was $ 1.8 million and in March 2018, revenue increased 12% And it increased 4 times in April to January of 2019. Zilingo allows free listings to every seller that you do not have to pay any registration or license fees to sell your product, but Zilingo takes 10-20% of the sale price as a commission when an order is placed. .

            This means that there is no tax on your entry, but we will take it from the sale of a product and this strategy proves to be very effective. But does a seller feel any pressure at the time of joining. 

           Zilingo means- don't take it as a gift given by God while it doesn't work today, I want to say to you that there is a great education but don't get involved in your family business immediately because why The institution, alone, does not give you practical knowledge when you complete your studies.

          You have to work in some famous and reputable places so that what is the real, practical system, world class policies and procedures you can learn these things. If you finish your education from a very reputed institute and have very obediently started working in the Indian family business then you cannot apply the difference between these two things. 



                 Ankita ( Founder of Zilingo ) says, "Being a woman is not a problem." 'Women are supported everywhere.' She says her experience as an opportunity to judge Sequoia Capital and judge start-ups made her decide to set up a big company and that dream came true . So, leave all your reasons that I am a woman, I am young, I have not studied in any foreign institution, I do not have the capital, leave all these reasons . 

            So come and find out that Ankita Bose is on Forbes' prestigious list under 309 2019 due to Zelingo's  strategy , let me tell you about the success of Zelingo's business model through Jilingo strategy . 

Strategy - 1 : Technology  

              All future business depends on technology. Ankita found that people in Thailand were missing from technology platforms so she started developing technology tools. What technology tools did he develop? 

              She developed a platform where people from different countries could connect, from which shoppers could see products that were in factories. Inventories can be managed and cross-border shipping becomes possible. All these things can be managed on one platform and for this they have worked on technology and strengthened it and made Bangalore city of India as their technology hub. 

Strategy - 2 : Fintech 

               Fintech means financial technology partnership. He saw that people lacked working capital. They can make a good product, but they do not have the money to buy raw materials. They need to be paid in advance, they started giving money in association with the financial company. The money was given with low interest rate because with this money they could buy raw material with less expense. 

            With this money they were getting paid in advance and when you provide financial help to someone, from that moment you became their business partner and they could never think of leaving you. 

Strategy - 3 : Zilingo Network   

                She established the Zilingo network, under that establishment, the manufacturer can purchase raw materials from Bangladesh at low and discounted rates in Cambodia, Vietnam, where it can obtain raw materials at low cost.

              Zilingo network provides them with the platform and connections to simply purchase . 

Strategy - 4 : Zilingo local support 

               Friends, the local Zelingo team along with the local, who is unaware of the world, informs them of the future requirements of what clothes they will demand. They provide training if people need it if they are not a foreign language. Know if they help with documentation . 

            If they share all their expertise with them, it means that a complete support system means that our relationship is not limited to just buying and selling. Our relationship is not just about collecting money. Our relationship is to make you stable, it is to empower you in any way, it is to create an eco-system, so in that system you can earn and by that I will develop myself . 

                  So friend that is for today , I hope you enjoyed it . 


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