Shaadi.Com Business Model | Case Study | How Shaadi.Com Earns |

                 Hello Friends Today We will discuss about Shaadi.Com . Shaadi.Com Is A Wedding Website Business Model . In Todays Articles We see How to Shaadi.Com Earn , What Is the Business Strategy of Shaadi.Com And Many More Things . 

        So let's Get Start ..       

                 This is a 1996 eventWhen a man named Anupam Mittal worked as a product manager in the USA .And he got fed up with his work And wanted to do something in India Like I told you before In the year of 1995, 1996 Digital revolution created . 

               New websites were opened. He wanted to do the same, but he did not want to do what he luckily wanted to do, he meets a person who is in marital life, asks him his way of working and he had access to 50 people. .

                   And he meets them in person and receives a commission for a successful proposal. He saw a problem here. Matrimonial guides only meet you 50 people. And he got an idea about an online platform for this business that thought of doing the same thing on a larger scale.

             He started his own matrimonial sitin 1995 called Sagai.com. For the purpose of the test. Here he did not lose his job because with his job he was able to invest in his website. In 2001, he sent his jobband back to India and changed the name from SSagai.com to Shaadi.com 

                It was a big name and person who bought this domain. To gain this name, they spend a lot because he was not ready to negotiate. Naturally it increased its expenses. Now his business was established and his news in the market was business model .

               I am a boy and a girl and we are both looking for a partner. I'll give them some money to find a girl for me. 

Shaadi.Com Business Model | Case Study | How Shaadi.Com Earns |
                       And by telling the characteristics of the partner of the girl you want, you fulfill this caste, education qualification. You must fill all your parameters. And on the other hand, the girl has also filled all her details. If our interest and qualities match, then we match .
             This is an ideal situation. But you can search for the person you want. Like we find friends on Facebook. And to run this business, not much team is required, why they have a team of 50That, according to this website crunchedase.co Their office is in Maharashtra .
               And they have raised only 8 rounds of funding in 2006 of 8 million. And this money is put into marketing. But in our country, people feel that they do not like online weddings. Are not able to understand it. It does not need awareness.
             So that awareness can be created. I remember a campaign like fast for him. Chetan Bhagat was saying that he would fast for his wife. Because he always fasts for them. Usually because of all the problems of our country they want to curb this, they have also created a game in facebook on dowry system. Create an awareness.
                And many social issues such as child marriage. And according to them they have registered 3.5 crores. And has finalized the marriage of 32 lakhs. This business is around 1 billion. shaadi.com is 40%. 
                There are many small players in this industry. Matrimonial Batahi has captured more market because their strategy is sound. How do they get their customers? Once you register on your website, via TV commercials , They called you umpteen times. But use our package. Just like the policy comes a personal touch, where you need to call, why their conversion rate is high. 

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