Clash Of Clans - Business Model | Case Study | How Clash Of Clan earns? | Owned by Supercell

                     Today we will talk about Clash of Clans Clans switched to Devices then Android and IOS And targeted a particular niche target. If you like to play strategy then you want to play any strategy game on Games and mobile, then clash of clans is best .

                   I remember when I loved the strategy Games of Rise of Empire Craft, Use of the Best and Used to Computer Platform Only. The age of the nation and empirical mobile games were lacking. 

              And clash of clans introduced the multi-player battle. In this we have to upgrade our villages, our strongholds and crimes, we protect our village and make it stronger. Major upgrades depend on it .

             But let's not talk about the gameplay and talk about Supercell, the business model established in May 2010. So far, $ 143 has been received. 3 rounds have been received for investment. This is what it has received for mobile gaming. The Daily Expenditure in Ads grossed about $ 1 million and $ 5.3 million every day. 

               They are spending it too much and earning it a lot. And their best competitive advantage is that they update roles. Sometimes it is the same company that made one of the most famous games HAY-DAYI that you played it or heard about, the game itself. By Supercell.

               When Hay d Traffic dropped, their Clash of Clans traffic went High clash of Clans has been leading # 1 for a very long time now? Because they sometimes roll out updates.

                 They are spending too much on advertising, which is why in 2010 there is now a reach. Seed investment was received in 2011, with $ 12 million in funding by Excel Partner End in 2013 in the Venture Round, $ 130 million in funding by Index Ventures.

                    Therefore, they are getting investment, using them. And let's talk about making money, you've seen me playing Clash of Clans, I won this time, but there are many who can't win who can't win, they'll upgrade them. For Defense and Upgrading Defense, they need Gold and Elixer

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