From GLO to GROW - #14 - The Manager's Guide to Effective One on One Meetings

                                     Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the The Manager's Guide to Effective One on One Meetings with start next blog 'From GLO to GROW '    

      And then when we got into more of the career chats, I love to ask them, what do you care about What are you passionate about?What do you want to do?Because they think a lot of that can open up some really interesting conversation.

      I like to have a very baseline conversation of understanding where they're at today.Right.And where do they want to be.And as far as career conversations go, it's not just what's your next job?I manage a lot of new people in sales and it's always I want to get to the next level of rap.OK, but what's the end goal?Right.

     Because I'm more interested in what do you want to do, three, four or five roles from now? Because then it's going to allow us to map out, OK, you're here today.You want to be a point here. You want to go to Point Z.What are the steps that we need to take to get you there?And what are the maybe the roles that we should start exploring?

    I actually try to have more informal conversations early on where I ask more questions about what are the areas of what are the parts of their jobs that they actually like and what are the parts of their

jobs that they don't feel that they are strong in what they want to grow and develop in and what parts

that they've tried and they realize that they just don't like.And we have more of a conversation around that interest first and then we have a conversation around here.

     Is there are there certain goals that you have for yourself in the next six months, one year, typically

a shorter time frame.So when you're having those career conversations, consider going in prepared and having some framework for how you want to approach that conversation.

     The growth model is a powerful tool to help you structure your career conversations with your direct

reports now that they've identified their peak experiences and ideally set a career goal based on that

information, it will help them self reflect about their ideal future state and think about how to get

their growth stands for goal.Current reality options and will.To structure a career development one on one using the growth model. Take these steps, establish the goal.

     What is their vision for their career based on the peak experiences activity? What do they want to achieve? Now, turn this vision into smart goals, meaning specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and

time bound goals. Ask your employee to describe the current reality, what are they doing now, what skills and knowledge related to their goal? Do they currently have a solution might start to emerge, but stop yourself from jumping to conclusions or going into advice, giving mode.

      Give yourself and your employees time to draw the full picture.Questions you could ask might be what is happening now? What is the effect or result of this? Have you already taken any steps towards that goal? Does this goal conflict with any other goals or objectives that you have explored? The options only after you and your employee understand the current reality can you start really exploring

what's possible.

     Again, your role here is exclusively as a brainstorming partner, somebody who asks the right questions,guide them in the right direction, but don't make any decisions for them.Ask questions like what obstacles stand in your way?What do you need to stop doing in order to achieve this goal? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each option? What factors or considerations are you using to weigh the options? And are there any conferences you could attend, people you could have information, interviews with or any Udemy courses you could take to help you achieve this goal?

Establish the will. Get your employee to commit to specific actions in order to move towards the goal, ask them, so what will you do now and when?

       What could stop you moving forward and how can you keep yourself motivated?

It can be easy to slip into advice mode here, but try really, really hard to stay in the thinking

partner role and ask these questions to help your employee uncover their own answers.

Use the attached activity to use the role model to set an actionable plan for their career development


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