How to Drop-ship Your First Order From Amazon to eBay - #23- How to Start an Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Home Business

                        Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the How to Start an Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Home Business  start next       blog 'How to Drop-ship Your First Order From Amazon to eBay'

      Hi there and congratulations on your first sale.After all the preparation of setting up the accounts finding a good product to sell and listing it on eBay you've finally made it.It's such an exciting experience but I'll be honest with you I was quite nervous the first time that I sold something on eBay.

So I'm going to share with you the step by step method to get the items safely from Amazon to your customer on eBay.

   First things first how do you know you get a sale.Either you received an email from ebay or from Pay-Pal or both.Secondly you will see it in your account if you're online in the site of eBay.Number three if you're using a smartphone eBay app you'll have the classic churching sound going off

which is a wonderful sound to hear knowing that you made a sale.

    So the first thing you do is you go into your ebay sales account and check out the sales record of the

item that was sold.You'll find it either in my e-bay sales or if you have a selling manager or selling manager pro depending on your level you have here.Here's an example of a sales record.Pardon me if on occasion some of them information will be covered up with a green box but I am obligated

to protect the privacy of my buyers.

    These are real live cases from today or yesterday.So you have yet to see the ebay sales record.

This is the buyers.User Name the item number and the name of the item the amount the price and the date.Another point over here is if you have a dollar sign which is black that means that the money went into your paypal account and you're ready to ship.

     Second thing I do is click on this number and I go deeper into the e-bay sales record.And here I have more information about the sale.You have the e-bay buyer's user id their email if you need to contact them their full address the telephone number.

    Again the information about the item that they purchased I can ship the item based on the address written over here in the base sales record.But usually I prefer to go into the Pay-Pal account and copy the address from there so I have here the paypal account.

     Here's the Pay-Pal Recker.There are a few important points to notice.Number one it says here OK to ship unless you have an OK to ship you do not send the item that means there might be a problem with the payment.It's OK to ship is a good thing.

    Then you have the buyers address that should be the same address as an eBay or location.There will be slight differences in the name of the buyer.I generally ship to the address and name as it's written in the paypal account because then Paypal will give me seller protection on the sale from here.I have the item number that number is important to know in order to identify what is the Amazon item


     Now if you have just a couple of items that shouldn't be a problem you keep track with them all.

But if you have tens or hundreds of items then you're going to need to find have a way to keep track

of the item number in eBay and the item number its parallel counterpart in Amazon.You can use an Excel chart or some other spreadsheet but eventually it gets cumbersome.

    I prefer to use drop shipping software to use a spreadsheet to keep track of your e-bay versus Amazon item numbers.I personally prefer to use some sort of drop shipping software which keeps track of the item numbers and I don't have to search for.

    So here I'll put in the item number from eBay and after I click it'll give me the item number and Amazon and see this is the assin Amazon standard identification number and this is how I find the item on Amazon.So we have here the name of the item sold and the item number in Amazon with the price.

The next stage is.

   I go into Amazon Dot Com and put the same number into the Amazon search box.That'll get me to the item itself.As you can see it's a terrible light set of three.Here's the price prime.I click on the item and it's ready to order.So you have here a few bits of information.

    It's price it says it's available at lower price from other sellers but without free shipping.And it says it's in stock and may require an extra one or two days to process.That really shouldn't bother us because you do have time to ship it.And nevertheless if you see that it says here it won't be in stock for a bit of time you might have to give the buyer a warning.

     And then at the cart you click it and put it inside your shopping cart.Over here it's added to the cart receipts 10:35 proceed the checkout.When you reach this window you have here an important point.

There is an option to click.This order contains a gift and that is an important thing to do because you don't want your buyer to receive your invoice your invoice will say that the price was ten thirty five.

If you look back at your ebay sale you'll see that they paid 14 71 which is a different price.So in general you want to click on this as a gift and then they will not receive it.They will not receive an invoice at all.

    The next stage is to put in the shipping address the default shipping address which is under here with

my own home address.And here I have an address of one of my previous buyers.

  You click over here add a new address which opens up a window and you give here all the information.As I said I prefer to put in the Pay-Pal address because PayPal guarantees that you have the name.Sometimes you have to address lines that might be a street number and this might be some sort of shipping code or forwarding code which the buyer put in or care of whatever it might be.City State zipcode country it it'll always be United States.

   Even if you are shipping international you'll ship to an address in United States and even global shipping will forward it overseas.And a phone number one or two options here you can put in either the phone number as it was in the ebay account or you can write a random number like 9 9 9 9 9 9.There are pros and cons to each one of them.

      Hey if on one hand if you put in the telephone number and the item is somehow delayed then the shipping company will contact the buyer which can be a good thing. On the other hand that might inform them that this is Amazon speaking and again you'd prefer that Amazon will not contact your bar directly.I prefer to write 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9.We can delivery.Generally I leave it alone.

     Default will ship whether it's on the weekend or not.But if you see that the address is is a business address then put in.Do not ship on the weekend.The next stage is a gift receipt.As we said gift receipt the price will be hidden on the receipts.The buyer does not see what price you paid for it and you have your little gift message.

     I like to write in some sort of personal note.Thank you for buying in my store.

It gives the buyer more of a personal feeling that you sell on ebay or in contact with them save on

gift options and continue the next stage is payment.

    So you have your the shipping dress that is covered the gift receipt and you're paying information.

There are a number of options you can pay by credit card.Especially have a U.S. dollar or credit card.

Or you can use.

    You can connect a bank account if you have a U.S. base checking account or you can put in a gift card.Usually I use gift cards because then I can buy them with my pay pal account and then just put in a

think it's 12 digit code apply and it's paid for.The last stage is just checking the shipping information.

We here are two options as other free two day shipping two business days.

   All this free standard shipping depending on what kind of Amazon account you might have.

You have one of these two options.If you have a standard Amazon account then you will get free standard shipping if you purchase above a certain amount in each order.

     But whatever it is you only ship free because the boat your buyer on Ebay will not be covering the cost of your shipping and you place your order and that's it.You've made your first sale process it and shipped it out.The only thing left to do is in a day or two.

      You'll get a tracking number from Amazon by email and that tracking number.You'll have to put it in to your account in order so the buyer will know that it has been shipped and when to expect it.

But for tracking numbers then I'll put it in a separate lecture.

Bye for now.

I hope you Like it  and I will see you in the next one , And Don't Forget to Login with Business Vala 

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