Peter Harris' Life Story - #2 - Commercial Real Estate Investing for Beginners

                               Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the Commercial Real Estate Investing for Beginners start Next blog ' Peter Harris' Life Story ' 

     My name is Peter Harris.

      I'm the director of education for commercial property advisors.I'm also the co-author of this book Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies and also coauthored this education educational pratique with dumptruck called the Dream Master you see a real success.And I wouldn't take him over here today to share with you a little bit about my background.

    I was born and raised in Northern California.I did all my schooling here.I graduated with a degree in applied physics and got a college degree to work as an engineer in SiliconValley.I started investing in real estate back in the 90s and probably like much of you out there I started off by buying single family homes and I get pretty good.

     Well one day I got a huge wake up call my boss was laid off without him actually knowing and they wanted to replace him with someone much younger and a lower salary and that person was me.And even though their positions would be my dream job I didn't take it.Call me crazy but I just couldn't do it.And the reason why is what they did to him.

     I'm sure they could do to me.I'm sure you understand this.Perhaps you feel the same way about your job.Well that's what got me super motivated to invest in commercial real would say because I saw that is the best way for me to replace my income and to once and for all get the rat race and right about that

time I was working with Robert Kiyosaki the guy who wrote this book Rich that poor dad.And this book is one of the all time bestsellers and one night and one late night meeting with just a few of us.

Robert was leading us in a game of Liar's Poker and it lasted for a few hours and was quite intense

and I'll never forget what happened that night ever you see the game of Liar's Poker is designed to

bring out the real you which happens to be when you're under stress and to make a long story short.

     Once we finished the last game and I was horribly.Robert gave us a debriefing and what he did to me and changed my life.And he looked down at me and he gave me the loser symbol of being a loser.And he called me a loser and it shocked me to the core.My mentor the man I look up to my hero called me a loser to my face.He said that I was playing life to see if not willing to play big.And I would say the same mediocre person with average life if I did not wake up and see what I was doing.And he was right.

    He was absolutely right.So that night back to my room and I broke down literally realizing that if I was going to achieve all the goals and dreams I have from my life I better take some action and start playing the game the big game that I knew I could play.

     So to make a long story short I return home I immediately got a contract with five apartment deals and close up three of them all in a short amount of time and I started with smaller units first and gradually bought larger larger larger pieces mercilessly and in the middle of it I run out of money and I had to teach myself how to raise money to get more deals.And today I love teaching when I learn to my students and clients.

     Well Susan I have to leave my job once and for all.Ever since then there is on this amazing journey.

Well back here early 2000s if I might say Peter you should start teaching people how to invest.

So I took his advice and that's why I started mentoring and coaching a true passion of mine is teaching

people how to be successful commercial as investors so real soon I was teaching people all over the

U.S. and one of my students who worked with Donald Trump told him about the successes he was working with me and how I got to co-author this drive with them to them off.

    Then a few years later a major book publisher saw the type of commercial deal pretty good with our students.And we write a book.And so I got this deal to write a commercial message for dummies.

Well I tell you that's what my business meeting people is so much fun.I get to see people grow from owning.No it doesn't.

     They do all of a sudden only acres of income producing one state that's very rewarding very rewarding.And I believe that's what I'm called do in in my life today serve people teach people help people get ahead.That's my passion.

    I guess when I'm not writing right deals I'm riding my bike on the weekends.I do about five to six races.Greer keeps it keeps me in top shape.

      I also started doing Spartan races here the obstacle course racing with my son.It's a whole lot of fun keeps me on my toes and you try to keep up with 130 balls out there when my other passions is being a leader of my church and I leave the kids Sunday school on Sunday mornings it's a lot of work but I can't call it work because I have way too much fun.And lastly one of the one of the reasons why I work so hard and loved to work so hard to help my clients and students is so they like to build my own school for inner city kids and into school and to be with the kids all the way from third grade all the way through college and perhaps pay for college under one condition that they come back and mentor other kids at school.And I want pay teachers salaries that they deserve and that is above minimum wage stuff.

And that's their a business model.

      What I plan on doing is invest in a large commercial of their product.And once that project is completed part of his income will go to his support for the school.And that way I will be relying on see for money.I won't be tied to the school's curriculum.

    I can teach the kids the relevant things in real life matters that prepare them for today's world.Today schools as you know just find a way to teach you what to do with real life issues that all the inner city kids understand or do with a daily basis.For example how do you do with alcohol impairment and still get good grades and which does much of it.Or how about how to deal with surviving and thriving in the process.

     You know there's a way to show these kids how to be successful in spite of their mind.And that's the goal to help these kids forcing in brain.OK well that's what I want to share with you today just a little bit about myself.Once again I really look forward to getting to know you and take care everyone.And I wish you all the very best.  

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