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                               Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the operation management with start next blog  "Theoretical Flow Time And Critical Path"

        As we understand that time is important and throughput is important.Now we get to the probably the most important part of the course which is the trying to answer the question of how to improve how to improve flow time and how to improve improve throughput.

       First of all it's important to bear in mind that it is not essential to improve flow time.It is not essential to improve throughput.You need to improve flow time.If using your strategic analysis and by realizing that this is an important metric you decide the time is the right thing for you.

        For example if you want to improve customer service if you want to reduce them out of inventory in the system.Similarly for throughput you want to improve throughput.

      If you believe that there is high demand out there and you want to increase your ability to serve customers faster or the ability to produce more products per unit of time were once you determine that now you can go and build the tools to prove these two important elements.

    Let's start with time.How will we improve time.This will be a discussion for many different sessions in the future.Let me start with creating the fundamentals.You ought to do that.Let me use a very simple example.

      It's a very simple case of a pizza spotlight's a pizza parlor that has a very simple process outlined

in the flowchart below.Initially you take the order then you prepare the sauce immediately followed by your preparation spread loading the over and baking cooling unloading and peeling.What you see below the rectangles are directivity time for each activity in the resource whether it's just the pan oven or Jackky that will do that specific tasks as you'll notice here.There are some activities that require more than one resource to complete the task so let's start with the first question.

     The goal of improving time.But for that let's try to answer the following question.What is the minimum time to feel a rush order assuming all the steps of the process are started only

after the order is received the answer to this question will be the theoretical for the theoretical

flow time is the minimal amount of time required to complete processing one flow unit.

Assuming all the resources are available when you need them again this is the theoretical for all time.

So what is the theoretical floor time of our process.

    Pause the video and go to the flowchart and computer as you're doing that you know is that what you

need to do is basically disregard the buffers and just add the activity times two plus three plus to

that of the upper level there one plus 15 plus three plus two plus two will result in the end in 3d

of flow time of 30 minutes.It's important that when we answer this question we look at the floor unit as an average order of two pieces.

    If you take it slow unit of only one pizza you will get a third floor time of 28 minutes which we now

realize that the 3d of flow time is relevant only as an answer to a specific question.How long does it take to convert one unit of input into one unit of output.But you need to tell me what the input and what the output.

      This is a very simple process that has only one specific pattern we'll call this path the critical path

the critical path is the longest path from the beginning to the end.If you have multiple path you need to compute the time along each one of these path and find the longest


     But that also will lead us to the way to think about improving Ocilla improve this process.

If I want to reduce it for 30 minutes for example maybe I can do the salsa prep and the dog prep at

the same time maybe I can start the building head of time while we are baking the pizza that's all firms

are doing that.Starbucks what we see here is the time it takes Starbucks Dunkin Donuts incredible coffee to complete fulfilling in order for each one of their main products.

     Starbucks have gone through a very elaborate process of producing these times.One of the things that were mentioned recently in an article in The Wall Street Journal is the factthat they note is that for many of their larger drinks their barista had to dip twice into the ice binbecause the scoops were not big enough.

    By building scoops that were big enough and sturdy enough to go all in one pick up the marriage to reduce their time in 14 seconds 14 seconds out of 90 seconds for their bigger drinks.Similarly by not requesting people to sign on their credit card statements receipts when the sum was below $25 they managed to reduce this transaction time from 30 seconds to twenty two seconds.

         When your game is a game of seconds these times murtherer. What are the levers for reducing floor time.We mentioned a few examples but in general they did what you want to do is decrease the war content of critical activities critical activities are activities that are on the critical path.You want to work smarter for example build a better school work faster.Maybe have a machine that will do it faster.

    Do it right the first time every turn you have to repeat something you are elongating this time.

But finally many times what you need to do is move more content from the critical path to the critical


    For example defending go into the building at the same time is baking the fate of many pizza parlors

pre-purchased though before the customer arrive prepared that they thought before a customer arrived.

All of these are about shifting elements and activities from the critical path to a non-critical path.

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