Awesome Template To Track and Grow Your Income - #15 - Online Business Models

 Awesome Template To Track and Grow Your Income

Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the  Online Business Models In Next blog Awesome Template To Track and Grow Your Income '

       IT guys in this blog I want to talk about this Fritchey that I've created for myself and I wanted you

to have it you would be able to find it in the description section for this lecture or session of the


      Basically what this spreadsheet allows you to do is it allows you to track your assets and kind of get

you motivated to add more assets and build up your asset portfolio.So let's go through it and see what it allows us to do.The first sheet that I've got here it's my mainsheet and I.Every time they create a new course I simply go ahead and added to this core section here you can use different colors and stuff.

I basically removed everything that I had in here so you can have your own kind of touch on it and basically build it the way you want.But this core section as you can see out right all my course names here.

      Also the price here also the URL that goes to that course page or kind of listing.So I can.Every time that I want to visit my assets I can open this page and simply click and go to that assayed and I can look at it and see how it's doing.

     I also put in the revenue to date.So if you have published a course three four months ago then you can simply go ahead and put in the revenue to date.You can also divide the revenue based on the number of months that you've got your assets up and running and put the monthly revenue here as well.

Same with my apps I've got revenue today and everything.I can actually go ahead and freeze the first column.

      So we would be able to see the D column names up here.You can do the same.Usually for my abs I just put the entire App Store listing here so that goes to my main account and I can see all my apps there.And again source codes if you have a blog or a youtube channel or anything like that you can put that here as well.

  The services that you provide in terms of maybe web services and stuff like that the Web sites that

you own that generate revenue through ad sends goes through search engine optimization stuff.

If you own any shares and stock and of course at the end you put your expertise here so all your monthly expenses would go in here so you have an eye on your expenses as well.And at the same time when your assets grow.

     Of course I've got one page for my Iowas abs here as well.You can simply go ahead and use this page if you want to publish apps for Iowa.I've got the same page for Android and Windows so I can keep track of all my apps and how much money they're making per day and per month for my car says the structure a little bit different.

     I put the number of students as well because that's very motivating and I keep track of how many students are actually taking my courses and I update these pages almost once a month.You can do it sooner if you want to keep yourself more motivated but rather to spend my time on creating more courses more assets more apps and stuff like that.And of course the last one is the Web site where you would be able to see the web site name the site you are out daily visits that that Web site gets an average daily revenue and monthly revenue.

     So you can see that this simplicity keeps you motivated.It gives you an overview on your asset portfolio.And if you're not making as much money as you want you can simply refer to this page here and have a look through the the numbers and see where where it's leaking why you're not making enough money with your assets and stuff like that.

        So I hope you enjoy this kind of template that I uploaded to the course so you can download it and use it for yourself and of course make it the way you want and I'll see the next one.

I hope you Like it  and I will see you in the next one , And Don't Forget to Login with Business Vala

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