Business Analysis Deliverables - Agile vs Waterfall - #15 - Become a Stronger and More Productive Business Analyst

 Business Analysis Deliverables - Agile vs Waterfall

Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the  Become a Stronger and More Productive Business Analyst Next blog Business Analysis Deliverables - Agile vs Waterfall '

      Today we're talking about business analysis deliverables and comparing the differences between waterfall and at trial.But first before we get into the specifics let's talk about what deliverable actually means in the professional world.

      A deliverable is basically what you are expected to deliver provide or accomplish within the scope of your work.For example for a developer the primary deliverable would be working software.OK.So let's talk about deliverables and waterfall because there's a little bit more clear and straightforward.And for this aspect the deliverables and to three high level categories and whether you'll have to do all of them is really dependent on your seniority and the structure of your team.So first the first deliverable revolves around understanding the business.And this is the part of the job where you figure out whether there really anything that needs to be solved.

      This is not always done by person titled business analyst because at this point you're figuring out

you know returns on investments and getting business justification which tend to be more like your business analysts and the typical deliverable is a business case or a project or something similar.Next this planning your work once you or someone has determined that there is a project worth doing

it's time to plan on how you're going to do the rest of the work.

      Canalis needs to plan how they are going to interact with all of the stakeholders and get what they

need out of them to create a solution that works for them.It prepares everyone involved and it also ensures that they have the right resources like the people the tools the facilities that might be needed for all the sessions.This becomes especially important if you are a contractor where like a statement of work might be required.

     The common deliverables here are like a work break down structure communication plan business analysis approach and requirements management plan.Third the last category I talk about for this is defining the solution.This is the step that is typically what people believe business analysis is and what their delivers deliverables should be centered around defining the solution is essentially documenting what the future solution should be capable of doing to meet the business needs.

     Also known as requirements gathering at a high level of more whiteman's document or the business analysis body of knowledge cost the requirements package which I think better describes it is what you will be delivering.

      This could include things like a traceability matrix use cases business requirements stakeholder requirements solution requirements and they can be in the form of text models or wireframe.Now in agile things are a little different because agile was intended to not be document heavy and Mool at a faster pace.

     So many of the formal documents like a requirements document or a business plan go away.I like to think that the primary objective of a business analyst is to facilitate clear communication and understanding how that is done is up to the preferences and strengths of the individual rather than

focusing on completing a specified document.You focus on using the skills and techniques common of business analysts to ensure that everyone has the same clear understanding of the problem and what the intent the what the team intends to do to fix it.

      This can be facilitating problem definition meetings creating models and diagrams writing except criteria.The list goes on.I love it because as a business analyst I get to constantly try and hone skills and a much more frequent pace.

      However I can also see how an inexperienced or new business analyst might feel overwhelmed at the lack of a clear template or set of activities.And thats my video comparing what the deliverables are for a Business Analyst and waterfall as well as agile.

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