Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 2 - #10 - Online Business Models

 Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 2

Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the  Online Business Models In Next blog Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 2  '

     Get any type of asset which we're going to talk about are the apps and this is the top US in which I'm

really passionate about this taking off like crazy and the Future of Web and technology.So if you already know how strong you are forgetting every single day then you probably know that you need to invest a lot of time effort and energy into apps.

     The good thing about apps is that they are very new in terms of the infrastructure and the market potential is massive.There are a lot of niches markets that there are no jobs for.And if you want to get into this market this is the perfect time to do so.

    Let's go to our different parts of our virtual set which are of course our top of us that is our discovery

channel of course is our store and that's I mean I this AppStore Google Play Microsoft Store Amazon

search and all the app stores out there which you can leverage to get people to discover your outs and

eventually fulfill their needs by getting them to download your app so our discovery channel Arbi our

stores there and our fulfillment channel is true a virtual download so you can see that when you put

your -- on the store then even the process of delivering your X which is getting the users to download

them is completely automatic.

      When you say if you had an app on the store that people were looking for if they found it and then downloaded for maybe nine cents or maybe even free and monetize it with ads.Then if you could get 50 people per day or even 10 people per day let's say if you could get 10 people per day to download your app for 99 cents each then you would have made almost $10 a day on NPIC income because you don't even need to kind of maintain the download and delivery because it's all done.

    Actually App Store the apps actually serves the app and servers download and even our store does the

search engine job for discovery so people look for an hour they put in key word that they are looking

for the App Store shows that the index search results they download the app and you get paid so you

can see that ads are a really good way to start a blog goodbye's because this is my main area of expertise.And I would suggest you to look into it.

     In fact if you want to start out with telling apps which basically is a very simple way to start building

an asset portfolio in five hours is the easiest way at this moment in time to start building your portfolio.

Then we check out the link on the screen or in discussion to kind of find out how I go about building

my portfolio and then getting them to go get my hours to go to work every single day instead of me and

generating me a nice income.So go to your link and you can find out more there for now.That's it for you and I'll see you next one.

I hope you Like it  and I will see you in the next one , And Don't Forget to Login with Business Vala

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