Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 3 - #11 - Online Business Models

 Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 3

Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the  Online Business Models In Next blog Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 3 '

      Are you guys let's talk about another type of asset that you can build.Some of us cities unlike courses and basically this is one of my favorite type of assets that you can build because it has a high impact a lot of people can benefit from it.And of course it's something that you can package it in different forms.

      What you're watching right now is an online course is one of my assets of course this course that you're watching.And if you've paid for it it shows the entire business model even if you got it for free then doesn't matter.But like I hope you can see the business model that I'm going for here.

     So basically you put your course on line on marketplaces like you me or you can use the private hosting solutions or self-hosting solutions.There are a ton of Web sites now that you can upload your courses to I get a lot of e-mails from different Web sites that want me to upload my courses on their platform so you can do that as well to get leverage.

That's the beauty of an online course you can have it in multiple places and that gives you leverage

and gives you more exposure helping your delivery channel.And of course the fulfillment for an online course is usually streaming.You can also have downloads if you want to give people.

     I don't know cheat sheets and clean up material that they can download and fill up like forms and stuff.You can also have download alongside with streaming as well but it's better for your videos for the

main content to be delivered for streaming.

    So that way people won't be able to copy it and give it away.Again if you want to go after a more exposure you can give them the option to download you of course because you truly want to help people and it doesn't really matter if they download it and give it to a friend.

     That friend will get him introduced to your material and they can go ahead and buy your audio courses so I never think one dimension always try to see the positive in every approach that you take.

So courses another very powerful type of assets are very easy to build these days.Basically you can go ahead.

      Right now I'm using Photoshop and I'm using our backup kind of touch and pen stylus alongside with our screen capture software called Screen floor so it's very easy to put together a ton of material online on how to build the course and put on your Demy or a post-it or whatever but have this in mind.

And next time you might want to create a course as well as other types of assets because this is something that you can read package and use the leverage that brings you.

I hope you Like it  and I will see you in the next one , And Don't Forget to Login with Business Vala

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