Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 4 - #12 - Online Business Models

 Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 4

Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the  Online Business Models In Next blog Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 4 '

     You guys know type of us said that you can build they are going to cost you a lot but your time is to

write a book.Of course the site of that said needs more effort because of course right.And your book is not easy.

     There are a lot of strategies and tools that you can use to write your blog.But at the end of the day you need to put in the effort and actually edit it and prepare it and actually put good content into it as well because we want to provide value to people and the delivery meant is that you can use is you can use it use Amazon self-publishing kind of platform or you can self-publish and yourself I mean that you can provide it as a digital download or you can print it out and then people will be able to get it through Amazon or your own website or download or you can actually post them.

    The actual hard copy of the book.This is a type of asset which I'm working on actually but I want you to kind of look at it a little bit different because when you have a book in your market place then you are an authority and you can have it kind of your blog as an entry point to customers if that's something that you want to consider.But the book also is an asset.

      It's something that people can buy over and over again because it could be helpful as a digital download and even if you print it you just copying your book and make more out of it.Make more of it.

So consider this strategy as well.Again slowly time consuming but it's another form of asset that you can or.

I hope you Like it  and I will see you in the next one , And Don't Forget to Login with Business Vala

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