Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 5 - #13 - Online Business Models

 Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 5

Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the  Online Business Models In Next blog Secret Passive Income Stream Strategy 5 '

     Well he has another type of acid which is very popular as well.Is software or source code.And basically if you build a software which operates on web like a web application or some sort of a source code like an app sourcecode like an iPhone source code or something like that then you can self-hosted

or you can put it on some marketplaces like code Canyon and sell it.

      I suggest you to go after the marketplace solution because you get free traffic free exposure from these marketplaces although they take a share of your revenue which you can spend on traffic if you do it yourself.

     But if you're starting out the marketplace is the best place for you to start out because they provide

the traffic and of course they get a piece of the ad revenue which is I think totally fair them fulfillment

for this type of asset.

     Of course if you are building a web application then you can give access to your users BI I like up

account or a web access type of thing.Or if you're just selling the source code it could be a simple download from the marketplace.Of course it's a more complicated type of asset.

    If you are a developer you can pick this type of asset if you're good at what you do and you can build

source code and software pretty fast even if you're not a developer you can hire someone to build you

a kind of a source code like a piece of software that can get the source code and put it in a marketplace

or you can build a web application and publish a new kind of marketed and get users to use it for a

monthly fee or something like that.

    Again this is not an easy approach.In fact among all the different types of assets that we talked about this is in my opinion is the hardest to pull off if you are starting out.So just have that in mind if you're a developer who can write code useful pieces of code to just put Uncle Canyon or similar marketplaces start selling it.If not I would suggest you to start out with the other types of assets that we talked about.

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