Very Important Mindset So Your Income Source Becomes Bulletproof - #14 - Online Business Models

 Very Important Mindset So Your Income Source Becomes Bulletproof 

Hello Friends , I am Ashok Bavliya and today we will Continue our new Course on the topic of  the  Online Business Models In Next blog Very Important Mindset So Your Income Source Becomes Bulletproof  '

     You guys in this to talk about two very important things competition and pricing when it comes to building your assets.One thing that people are very afraid of is competition.And I can talk about this for hours but competition is a good thing.

      If you're a business person and if you truly understand business you would come to this conclusion that competition is actually the best thing that can exist for you to get into a market because competition

brings so many kind of values to the market first.For us it shows that there is an actual market because there are people already making money from it.

     If multiple competitions are active in a market meaning that the market is big enough to feed all these competitors.Second thing is that you can reverse engineer your computer so it shows.First it shows that the market exists and you can see what these competitors have figured out that is

working for them.  


   So it's like soul already laid out everything for you everything that works in that market so you can

go have a look at it maybe purchase their products and services and see how Actually they're making

money which is a pretty big deal because when you have it all laid out in front of your eyes you can

go to their cells final's there.

     It's that you can look at their ad copy see what things are people are asking for in the reviews and

kind of ratings.If it's a book you can look at the reviews you can look at the description and see what is important to people.

     You can look at their bullet points whatever acid you look at.There should be some bullet points some things that they they kind of figured out that it's important to their target audience because guess what.So when is your competition when you have a common kind of target audience so Soho's your computer as long as you are targeting the same.Oh yes.

    So you can figure out what is important to that audience you can already build your copy your cell's

materials around that topic around those topics that is important to your computer so you can see how

valuable your computers are there.

      They basically have figured out most of the work for you.All you need to do is just improve whatever it is that they're selling.So if this is the quality chart if you're at this level you just need to improve it maybe with the same price or maybe even at a higher price.You can see the value here.

A competitor is the best way for you to start your market to make sure that there is a market.

     So your efforts want to be wasted.Now that we talked about our competitors.Let's talk about pricing.

This is another big issue with my clients my students and generally people who want to build assets.

Well when it comes to for example publishing and of how much you should price your apps for how much you should charge for your book or for your course.

     Basically you can start charging in relation to your competitors.So every competition is charging $7 for a course for example that is very similar to yours.Then maybe you can try charging 17 if your course is way better.Or maybe you can charge still segment but provide more value.

     You can try these price price points you can.You should always try because you never know which was when it was going to work better.Sorry about the ambulance passing by but now about your subject.So you need to test out your pricing and everything you need to consider is that always thing as your customer.

     So what is it that your customer wants to pay.How big of a pain you're Sobig with your product or with your asset.It's a huge pain.Then you can charge more if it's not that kind of a huge pain something that it's more of a luxury that they can pass on than you might need to consider charging lower prices.

Again you need to test sometimes product sells better at hundred or nine dollars rather than selling

at seven dollars.And of course when you lower down the price you increase the number of cells.

And when you increase the price you load on the number of cells but you're making more money per cell so pricing again in relation to your competition.

       And in relation to your target audience so if you have these two Figueiredo then you can come up with a fair pricing and then you can build your asset on that do a little bit of testing and you can maximize and optimize your revenue that way so I hope it makes sense to you.I hope we can see the possibility.Just want to talk about these two very important topics.When it comes to building an asset.

So basically that's it for the CD of course I can talk about these two for hours.

But since we want to keep the course of the short Kanof limit that we wanted when we started.So that's it for this video and also the next one.

I hope you Like it  and I will see you in the next one , And Don't Forget to Login with Business Vala

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